The Best Money-Making Sale for Black Friday & CyberMonday

We are not going todiscuss how Cyber Monday and Black Friday are so big for online sellers. It
just gets bigger and brighter. You might be wondering when to start and end the
sale? As it seems longer year after year, what type of discount you have to
offer? Running Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is not that complex. There is
no exact answer for what to offer exactly.

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The Success Plan

There are twothings behind the success of Cyber Monday and Black Friday sale –

· Creating Urgency

· Offering severalDiscounts Each day

Sellers offer samediscount whole weekend. It is the blunder they do. No matter what you offer,
don’t offer same deal each day. You have to create a feeling of urgency and
exclusivity. Sale is the best option to transform ‘users’ into ‘shoppers’. Exclusivity and Urgency Sell!

You have to keepusers in their toes to create feeling of exclusivity and urgency. Make them
think “I must buy it today or I gonna miss this deal tomorrow”. You may offer
50% off as weekend sale. But don’t make up their mind that they have the whole
weekend. You have to trick their mind that it’s now or never deal. Likewise, if
you introduce 70% off today, 40% off tomorrow, your customers will wonder, “I
missed out 30%. Who knows what discount gonna be tomorrow. It’s better to buy
it now.” This mentality forms urgency.

Your Cyber Monday/Black Friday Sale – From Beginningtill the End

Now you got theidea behind your Cyber Monday and Black Friday sale. So, you can plan your
deals out for this weekend. Be sure to keep in mind that you can play with your
deals and discounts. There is no exact answer. It’s up to your customers and
profit margin to decide deals you have to offer. Some audiences prefer discounts
and some prefer percentage off. So, play along with it. All you need to create urgency and offervarious discounts every day. To give you an image of what your sale is going to
be like, you can get a look at sale sequence.

Black Friday

Your Black Fridaydeal must be something that offers serious value to the shoppers. Offer
something that is hard to refuse for the customers, something like Buy 1 Get 1
Free, or 60% Off on Sales up to…

Your ads and postsmust create the feeling of urgency. Post something like “Hurry up! Get yours
now before its’ gone” and “Limited Period Offer” to up the value of things you
are selling instantly. You must let your buyers get the deals for the rest of
weekend to get the most of it today.

Cyber Monday

Make it the bestdeal ever. Offer something with serious discount like 70% off. You can mix the
things up and puss another product for this sale as well. Keep things
attractive. Go big and don’t hold anything back. Your posts must peak the
curiosity of everyone.

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